Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Now we have apples, more bananas, cakes and calzones!!!!
A few beets :)
Next Event: Trash Tour
Date: September 6th
Where: Dagastino
Address: Grocery on the west side of 3rd Ave. between 38th & 39th

Time: 9:30pm

What we found: To start of a big bag of bagels!

More bananas, bread. . .even Jello Pudding

and Nathan's hotdogs!
Next! Bread, bananas, rolls, bagets etc :)
Last Stop: Gristedes

What We Found: Chicken in a Biskit, a box of Calorie Free Snacks and you guessed it!!!!!


Please pass the soy milk!
And more bagels. . .
Next Stop: Daniel's Bagels
What we found: Bagels, rolls and more bagels. . . .
Next we found a bag full of green beans, a tomato and broccoli!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Stop: Gristedes
Address: University Place 8th Street
What We Found: Juices, Smart Deli Soy Meat, Baged Salads & Almonds.

What a 'treat'.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Thursday Trailblaze Event
West Village On Hudson Street
Date: August 3nd
Meet up Spot: Out Of Kicthen Bakery - bakery
Hudson St
: 9pm

This bakery is right nexted of Ray's Deli and King's Deli so they all pile up there trash together. I came here on a Tuesday night to see what trash I could find before organizing this event myself.

What I found: Whole Wheat Bread, Bagets and Vegetables

Nexted Stop:
Hudson Bagel's
on Hudson Street

What I found: bagels, donuts, blueberry scones, chocolate chips muffins, croissants (and all still in wraper)

This photo was taken infront of the Gourmet Garage 117 Seventh Ave. at 10th Street. We found blueberries, peaches, grapes, cherries, resberries and lettuce.

Nexted Location: Le Pain Quotidien - bakery
Address: 10 5th Ave
What we found: Homemade old style baguettes, rolls, nut & raisin breads.

What a waste for a fancy bakery like this that calls itself "the communal table" can make all this wonderful bread only to throw it away!

Luckly for myself and those with me. We just helped ourselves :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another bag of bagels and rolls from La Begel Delight in good condintion!

'dive in' :)
Next Stop: La Begel Delight
Address: this bakery is located on Court Street
What We Found: Huge Brooklyn Begels (rasin, plain,garlic etc) Rolls!!!

:) :) :)

Next stop: Garden Of Eden
Address: Mantage street & Cadman Plaza
What We Found: Fresh meat, Greens, some Fruit
Date: Monday, July 24th
Event: Trash Trailblaze in Brooklyn Heights
Meet Up Spot: Court Street & Remsen infront of Signature Bank
Time: 9pm
Chosen Store:
Natural And Organic Foods
Address: Court & Remsen st
What We Found: WheatBread, Rolls, Oats, Brown Rice, Tempeh, a Mango, Salmon, Organic Eggs

Cooking the Tempeh!

The nexted day after diving, I decide to make burritos out of the tempeh for dinner!

Cooking Time: about 10min's

Results: Mmmmmmmmm. . .good meal :)
Next stop: Starbucks Coffee
Where: This store is located on Court St
Rewards from find: Free Starbucks Frappuccino coupons
(A HAND-FULL!) gave them away to friends, freegans, co-workers, dumpster diver's etc.

You should have seen they're faces :0