Monday, October 09, 2006

Here we also found whip cream. . .yummy!
Nexted stop: Gristedes

What we found: (this list will be long)
strawberries, butter, sweet potatoes, bagged salads, apples, oranges, lemons, can soups, sour cream, yogurts etc.
We began diving and as you can see discover more like egg plant, bananas, plums, peppers, cucumbers, breads, rolls, bagels, bagged salads, apples and more!
Before we begin to explore, Janet starts off the trash-tour introducing herself, explaining alittle about the problem of waste and dumpster diving.

Here she stands infront of a media camera.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Event: Trash Tour

Date: Wednesday October 4, 2006

Location: D'agostino 3rd Avenue

Time: around 9:30pm

What we found: Soy milk, Lot's of salad, broccoli, cottage cheese and watermelon!
Everyone gathers around the bountiful harvest!
At the end of the Trash Tour Janet shows off her talent for balance to everyone! She's really good at it!
This photo of rolls and bagels was taken at D'Agostino's on 3th Avenue between 35th & 36th.
Another photo from Gristedes.
Here at Dunkin Donuts near Daniel's Bagels divers help themselves to the 'sweet treats'!!!!

:) :) :)
Before moving on from Gristedes, the divers share a quick laugh :)
Next Stop: Gristedes

Here the divers gather up the 'food finds' on display for everyone to see!

What we found: Chocolate pudding, bananas, salads, cheeses, cottage cheeese.