Sunday, November 12, 2006

More free salad!


Anonymous said...

Hey there your blog is pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

Hey do you have a e-mail? I'm from Queens and whould really like to join you on a dive!


Anonymous said...

Top diving, fella. I'm Sideshowmatt from Canberra, Australia. My girlfriend and I are a little dumpster team (over here DD is also called 'skip dipping' and 'hopper harvesting'). We recently got $340 (about US$250) worth of meat, straight from the cool room in a trolley - the slack-jawed youth that work at our local supermarket are very helpful! Can you beat it?

Must start my own diving blog. Will let you know

Speedy said...

Wow, very interesting! Hope are paths cross someday so you can show me some of your 'finds'. Oh, and when your blog is up send me a link - I can wait to see it!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your blog.
A friend of mine and I are wanting to start DDing. We were wondering if you had any tips other than the obvious ones that I see on every site about dumpster diving?

Speedy said...

First I'd like to say it's great that you have a friend and supporter to DIVE with. (Diving with a friend or a group is always safer!)

2nd carry a bottle of water, plastic gloves or hand sanitizer to protect your hands at each 'dive' site!

3nd NEVER hangout to long at each dive site - DIVE FOR WHAT YOU NEED AND MOVE ON! (owners or staff can sometimes still be around so keep it moving) ALSO: You have to beat the garbage men!

4th Always clean up after yourself when looking through trash - the garbage men will be glad you did :)


Happy Diving :) :) :)

JunkGeneral said...

This is awesome, this is the ultimate in sustainability. I work for so I never have to buy furniture or anything for that matter but food dumpster diving is the ultimate in closing the loop! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Stop by again :)